2017 CoFesta Ambassador Recruitment Information

International students in Japan, here is THE chance to make your life in Japan more exciting! CoFesta Ambassador program, now in its 5th year, promises to bring you special and exclusive Cool Japan experiences during your stay in Japan!

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<Official introduction of CoFesta Ambassadors>
CoFesta Ambassadors are appointed by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of Japan (METI) and the CoFesta Executive Committee under the Cool Japan initiative of the Japanese Government. They should acquire a profound understanding of Cool Japan contents, and to appeal its attraction to their country and the world. CoFesta Ambassadors will take part in a variety of activities aimed at creating excitement and interest. These activities include but are not limited to;

– Industry Company Visits (NHK, Toho Studio, Kadokawa, Avex, Square Enix etc.)
– Exclusive Event Tours (Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo International Movie Festival, etc.)
– Cool Japan Business Contest
– Internship Opportunities

In short, CoFesta Ambassadors are recognized by METI to enjoy Japanese contents and reach out to the world.

Opinions of each Ambassador are highly valued by industry players in Japan; CoFesta Ambassador Cool Japan Idea Contest is held in METI every year to see what CoFesta Ambassadors have to say about the Japanese content markets in their home countries. CoFesta Ambassadors are highly value and were even featured on Yomiuri Shimbun, NHK World, The Japan Times, Nikkei MJ, and more.

Visit the URL below to find out more about what CoFesta Ambassadors. Register through the “Register here” URL, and you will hear from the CoFesta Administration office about your application.

Sounds like an exclusive program, but actually all international students who are fans of Japanese contents are welcome! We look forward to seeing you at our orientation!

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